Installing Kitchen Cupboards from Ikea

This is one of the easiest projects you can do as a DIY types handyman or woman.  Now I say this assuming you have tackled other jobs around your house.

Have you removed and replaced a faucet or a toilet?  Ever change the lighting fixtures in your house?  Have you used a mitre saw?  Do you have an assortment of hand tools that you have used and use on a regular basis?

If you answered yes to all of the above then you most likely should be able to install kitchen cabinets from Ikea.

You have heard of Ikea haven’t you?  They are the big box Swedish company that sells all sorts of furniture.  In Canada they are one of if not the largest manufacturer of kitchen cabinets.

Sounds crazy but a lot of people are buying from Ikea.  Check them out here.

Now I know that sometimes when you are decorating your home there are some projects that you just have to get help with.

That is very understandable.  I have been in the decorating business for years and there are times when I need to get help as well.

If you live in the Edmonton area call these guys to get your Ikea kitchen cabinets installation for a great price.

The one thing about using a renovation company to install your cabinets is they can also handle all the other jobs that you might require.  Like installing the kitchen back splash, or the dishwasher, or even installing a new floor for you.

Whether you do the work yourself or hire professionals to do the job you are getting to see the process or transformation of your old kitchen into your new kitchen.

As always I wish you the best of luck with your project!